I realize that with the quarantine, programs are looking very different at the senior homes now. Safety is the most important priority. This is why I am now offering on-line classes using Zoom, as well as, creating individual craft and painting kits that I deliver outside the residents building.


My name is Barb Germiller and I began Barb's Traveling Art Adventure to teach seniors fun arts and crafts, painting and floral design. I am currently providing services to Assisted Living, Memory Care and Senior Living Communities in Raleigh and Wake Forest and am in the process of expanding to surrounding areas. Each of the classes I teach are developed by first considering who will participate, then formulating a class based on what I think will help each person reach success. 

I am a Certified Instructor through Art is 4Every1 which is a painting method that allows people of all abilities to make an impressive and successful painting. This program has been used in assisted care facilities for the last 25 years and has proven over and over again to be beneficial for the residents socially and emotionally. I believe this program significantly adds to resident's quality of life. 

In addition to painting and crafts classes, I offer floral design. I have over 25 years of experience in floral design and have catered to weddings, funerals, birthday parties and more. Working with flowers has been proven to be a relaxing and therapeutic activity for everyone. 

My experience teaching art in preschools as well as working with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities has added to my knowledge and experience in working with people of all abilities and interests. This program is unique because it provides a space for residents to exercise creativity and execute projects, providing them opportunities to relax, thus increasing their quality of life. Contact me to learn more about my program and how to book a session in your facility. 

Why are arts & crafts so imporant for seniors?

There has been extensive research on the positive effect of arts and crafts for seniors, and those living with dementia. On top of the physical improvements like strengthening finder grip, and hand-eye coordination, these activities are therapeutic for artists, as they are able to focus on the present and relax. Having these periods of time to work on therapeutic activities extends into daily life, relieving stress and anxiety, improving mood, encouraging socializing and promoting pride in themselves. 


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What I offer...


Craft Classes

Craft classes run for one hour and are open for all levels, no experience required. I provide full detailed instructions, from start to finish, as well as one on one guidance throughout. 
My goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages artists to take their time and think creatively.
All materials are provided, including table cloths, aprons and project materials. I take care of set up and clean up. 


Painting Classes

I offer two versions of Paint Class:

Artis4Every1 Paint Class:
These classes last one hour and are ongoing over a few weeks time, until painting is completed. These classes are catered to every level of experience. The artist chooses their subject to paint. Step by step instructions are provided.

Wine and Design Paint Class:
These classes last two hours and artists complete their pieces before the end of the session. All artists paint the same subject, with one on one guidance throughout. No level of experience is required.

For both paint class options, I take care of set up and clean up, and provide all necessary materials.


Memory Care Crafts

Memory care crafts classes are carefully organized to benefit those with memory challenges. The projects focus more closely on the process of creation, rather than the finished project. Artists are allowed the freedom to experiment with different materials. I promote relaxation during these sessions and allow for artists to take their time, while being supported and encouraged with one on one guidance throughout.  
All materials are provided, including table clothes, aprons and project materials. I take care of set up and clean up. 


Craft & Painting Kits

Each craft kit includes all the materials you would need to create a fun and useful project. I create kits for holidays, door hangers, gifts and everyday use. Each kit also includes directions with photos to help with step by step instructions.
The painting kits include the canvas and paints with instructions and can be paired with the Zoom classes for step by step guided instruction.
I hope is to help the Activities Staff and the seniors during this difficult season. 

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Easy crafts for adults are a fun way to relieve stress and get creative, while giving residents a chance to socialize. 

Crafts for decorating apartment, to give as gifts, or just enjoy. 

Holiday, seasonal and everyday crafts for decorating apartment, giving as gifts or simply to enjoy


Beginner acrylic painting classes for all skill levels 

Step by step instruction

Empowering artists to create art they can be proud of 

Certified through Artis4Every1

Memory Care Crafts

Safe & stmulating projects for all skill levels

Emphasis on the process more than the completed project

Relaxed, non- rushed environment

Supported and Encouraged

Seniors have the opportunity to experiment with different art material

Craft Kits

Each craft kit includes all the materials you would need to create a fun and useful project. I create kits for holidays, door hangers, gifts and everyday use. Each kit also includes directions with photos to help with step by step instructions.

All painting & crafts classes include:
-All materials necessary for project
-Detailed explanation  of project steps from start to finish
-One on one guidance throughout
-Set-up and clean up

For more information regarding pricing 



"Our senior living facility has been working with Barb for about 2 years. Our craft days have always been a weekly highlight for for the residents! They look forward to having a creative outlet to make items worthy of showing off, treasuring and even becoming gifts for loved ones! I'm always impressed with the unique and sometimes darn-right remarkable ideas she delivers! It's a win win for the residents and for our community as a whole."

Julie, Resident Experience Coordinator

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